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Matrix Screen Locker 2.0

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1Matrix Screen Locker 2.0 Empty Matrix Screen Locker 2.0 on Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:09 am


Matrix Screen Locker 2.0
Matrix Screen Locker 2.0 98jqdb
When it locks the PC, a stream of matrix looking characters scroll down the screen.Where is it? When it is run, you will see in the system tray (bottom right) a “X” sign.Right click to get a menu of options, or left click to lock down immediately.

What is my initial password? The initial password is blank. (nothing) – no not a space; I said nothing-null-nada…. (just press on the old password field, and you will be allowed to enter then new password.)

How do I set a new password? Right click on the “X” sign (in the system tray) and press “set password”. Note: You must enter the old password in order to set a new one. (see the previous note in respect to the initial password).
If you have no password set, you only need to enter the new password in the appropriate field. How do I stop the lock? By left clicking anywhere on the screen a password box appears at the top left of the screen. Here you enter the password. If it is correct, the lock will stop. Note: After 15 seconds the password box will be closed and the lock will continue.

I want the matrix to lock immediately and not start up minimized..

Enable the menu option “Start up Running” (right click on the “X” sign in the traybar and click on the menu). When you have enabled this option (you will see a small flag next to the menu item) as soon as the locker starts it will automatically lock the PC.

Why doesn’t Cntr+Alt+del work…
What kind of a lock would allow for someone to break it using ctrl+alt+del. Well, not a good one. I am not saying it is unstoppable, but effort has been made to keep the lock true and not just a screen



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