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Flashden: Photo Inertia Gallery

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1Flashden: Photo Inertia Gallery Empty Flashden: Photo Inertia Gallery on Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:06 pm


Flashden: Photo Inertia Gallery
What’s new in V2 ?

- now you can add as much galleries as you want, - you can put a short description on each photos.

“Photo Inertia Gallery” is a photo gallery with efficient effects, an original way to provide your photos.

Features :
- 2 versions of this gallery in the package : XML or PHP .

In the PHP version, you don’t need to fill any filename for your photos. A script on the server will build automatically a XML file from your photos folder.

When you upload photos in the folder, it’s automatically viewable in your gallery.

- a XML file to configure the name, the color, the e-mail, and the music of your gallery.
- Resizable, the photos will adapt themselves to the window size.
- The thumbnails will never go out the stage when you resize the window.
- Individual preloader.
- Fullscreen mode on/off.
- Customisable Right Click Menu.
- A function to tidy your photos.
- A function to mess you photos around.
- MP3 for background music with a stylish mute button.
- A short documentation to start with your gallery.
- You don’t even need to open the fla

Special Features :
You can throw away your pictures around the stage, with bounce, deceleration, and rotation effects. Very smoothly.

Just try and play !

If you purchased the version 1, you can re-download it to have the version 2.


More Info:



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